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WEDDING OFFER: each of our products in the offer wedding reception is available at a special price. In addition, zdobimy bottle label or personalized engraving. Find out more by sending us a request through the form.

CORPORATE EVENTS: Our special offer also includes larger orders of spirits for corporate events. Write to us which wines You are interested in, how much, and whether you want each of the bottles was signed logo for your business. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

GIFT SETS: Christmas, birthday, name or perhaps in gratitude? We create beautiful gift sets for any occasion! Available to our customers are Wicker baskets, wooden boxes, łubianki, tubes and cartons. Each of these packages you can freely customize.

MAKE YOUR OWN: we invite you to take advantage of our production of wines under the brand of its own. Our experienced graphics Department and the Purchasing Department assist you from the ground up to create or deploy a brand whose quality is fully satisfactory. For the last 5 years we have introduced more than 50 brands of their own, which successfully gaining a wider audience. Our customers regularly to increase procurement and expand your portfolio. Join them and get the market together with us!