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First Polish Whisky - The Langlander Single Malt Whisky

We are pleased to inform you that from Monday, January 23, 2017, our 100% Polish The Langlander Single Malt Whisky

will be available to buy.

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Pre-release tasting FIRST POLISH WHISKY

On 25th May at 7:00 PM at Bar & Books (Warsaw, ul. Wąski Dunaj 20) will be held the first pre-release tasting of single malt whisky from barrels from Polish oak, which was created at the Piasecki Distillery, matured over three years and is made from Polish malted barley. You will also have a chance to try: Okowita Jęczmienna (from the same malt as whisky), Okowita Warmińska (distilled 100% from honey), Bairille 3YO (from Polish oak barrels) and awarded the gold medal at the festival in the US Trójniak Mazurski. The meeting will be hosted by Adam Gogacz from Piasecki Distillery. The organizers of the evening are the magazine "Aqua Vitae" and Piasecki Distillery.
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Gold medal at the competition in the US

During the international competition The Mazer Cup International 2016 (the most prestigious and largest competition in the world, devoted to meads, organized for 90 years) in the category "Traditional - Sweet" gold medal was won by our mead Trójniak Mazurski Niesycony.

No-boil meads are rare in the Polish market, but are gaining still more and more admirers. They differ in flavour and taste from boiled meads. Due to the different production technology they retain the nutritional qualities of honey.

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