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About us

The distillery Piasecki is a company formed on the foundations of the knowledge and experience of the company Mazurskie Honeys. The basic idea was to extend the branch associated with an assortment of spirits. Today under the banner of the distillery Piasecki you will find products that are under the watchful eye of one of the best technologists in Poland Janusz February and business owner Bob Piasecki. In our extensive range of each find their favorite.

A slender, beautifully decorated bottles vodkas, liqueurs and reduction will satisfy demanding customers with a high sense of aesthetics and sublime feelings. The line of vodkas Masuria is addressed to recipients with both of our beautiful region of Warmia and Mazury, but also for all those who appreciate high quality spirits and refreshing taste of fruit. MEADS/Honey Wines are available in two options: modern and classic bordolese bottles. Not boiling  technology has allowed us to keep up to all the values of the honey bee. The original square bottles of Mead Branded and Grunwaldzki a treat for enthusiasts of history and wines with traditional recipes.

For those seeking new arrivals have created a product other than all previously available on the market – Bairille, which is the distillate of honey aged  for a minimum period of three years in the Polish tannin content as well as. A delight for the palate connoisseur wines-type whisky and cognac.

The name of the owner is not without reason that happened to our brand. This is a guarantee of the highest quality and personal declaration by the manufacturer that the product is fully polished.


Each of our products has been evolving during many years necessary to improve its taste and appearance. The company owner, Bogdan Piasecki, has been dealing with honey for over 50 years. He knows everything about it and he knows how to choose best honey for the raw material. This knowledge can be seen in the modern technology and in the products which leave our factory. 


The company laboratory is one of the most important places in our factory. Each product is examined for the highest quality in a very detailed way. Before leaving the production plant our products have to go through a series of tests to check them. 


CSR Corporate Social Responsibility. All the time we are taking care of the work health and safety in the best way possible. We have introduced BRC system which allows us to guarantee the highest quality of the offered products. 

We do waste segregation systematically to make sure that the waste goes to recycling companies.

We support foundations and projects related to the protection of bees and their natural environment. 

We support local organizations which deal with looking after disabled people and orphanage.